Why myPallet?

The digital future is here

We cater for all links in the transport chain

Your team deserves an easy digital solution!

myPallet saves you time and money. A digital tool that optimizes the company’s tasks.

Keep track of all your transport packaging receipts, consignment notes and fleet damages
Use one or more solutions in the same app. It’s easy and convenient. Digital and automated storage of all transactions.


All photos (of packaging, consignment notes, damages, etc.) taken in connection with a transaction in the myPallet app can be seen immediately in the web portal.

Real-time overview

Unmatched control and strong self-control. Company administrators see all transactions and actions the moment they take place.

Major time savings

No manual entry in the office!

Better productivity – your team can share any transaction or statement with a few clicks

When your partner also uses myPallet, all transactions are seen automatically by both parties

An economic win

No one lost papers and minimally administered work

Minimize or avoid shrinkage

Resolve disputes the moment something goes wrong

A professional expression

With our digital solutions, we help your company to ensure a uniform and professional expression towards your partners

our vision

Minimize the transport chain costs associated with packaging management

our mission

Increase the recycling of the same packaging type

our goal

Conserve natural resources

myPallet offers an innovative and digitized tool for managing and controlling transport packaging. In addition, myPallet is one of the digital tools of the future in claims reporting. The system is developed to accommodate all links in the transport chain and common to all the solutions is that they are paperless and sustainable.

In addition to packaging management and damage reporting, we offer solutions such as POD, ECMR and Track & Trace.

All master data is managed in the web portal, which is your unique access to the system. All data exchange takes place through our applications and is managed by the individual customer.

All solutions can be used via phone, tablet or PDA.

myPallet is simple, easy and installs from day to day.