Our common planet deserves the best

We all owe it to both the planet and each other to make our businesses more sustainable.

myPallet is the digital and sustainable tool of the future. We help your company to ensure sustainable recycling of your transport packaging. We care about the environment, our planet and our common future. Protecting the environment and taking responsibility at the same time are two very important keywords for us.

By replacing your disposable packaging with recyclable packaging, you as a company help to recycle materials and save CO2 emissions. It protects both the environment and the economy. You can safely replace your disposable packaging with recyclable packaging.

But will not it be a big print to have to invest in e.g. European pallets rather than disposable pallets?

Yes. Here and now it can be a big print to invest in a large batch of European pallets. In return, it is a one-time cost. You can thus reuse your pallets pallets up to 10 times *, instead of only being able to use the pallet once. When you also use myPallet’s packaging management, you always have full self-control over your pallets, and you do not lose them.
*Average. We do not make reservations about which goods are transported or stored on the individual pallet. Therefore, the service life of a European pallet may vary.

We turn your challenges with packaging management into a success story!

Sustainable focus and recycling in a circular ecosystem is the way forward for us – and our customers.