Prevent negative environmental impact

Money saved by using both Packaging Management and Marketplace

Helle Ravn Jacobsen, Supply Chain Director.

”Although the focus was primarily on minimizing our costs for transport packaging, the whole environmental perspective was a huge bonus to us!”

The increased cost of transport packaging, including disposable pallets, made Bloomingville want to take financial and environmental responsibility. In line with the company’s growth, the cost of purchasing pallets was more than DKK 1.0 million annually.

With the investment in myPallet’s digital packaging management solution, Bloomingville has ensured that the company’s pallets are now circulated and recycled between its own and external warehouses, and with a 100% control.

“A disposable pallet currently costs the same as a EUR pallet did just 15 months ago, so the costs have increased significantly on the purchase of packaging material,” says Helle R Jacobsen. The fact that we can get control of our flows, and even get access to significantly cheaper pallets via myPallet’s marketplace, has increased our already good cooperation with myPallet, and really minimized our costs on purchases”, confirms Helle.

The administrative work is limited to a few clicks in the myPallet app. A transaction is made in less than 10 sec. and automatically Bloomingville sees current balance and inventory in both their own and external warehouses.

Bloomingville has eliminated a large loss in connection with the reordering of pallets and gained plus points for the environment.

About Bloomingville A/S

Driven by a fascination for Nordic style and way of life, Bloomingville was established in the year 2000. It happened with such passion and success that the company became part of Regent Holding in 2014. Bloomingville was then launched in the United States, taking the new market by storm with a Scandinavian view of home décor.

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