myPallets history

One dream, two entrepreneurs and great visions

myPallet was founded in 2017 by the two entrepreneurs Søren Finseth and Søren Madsen, as well as an investor.

With a background in freight forwarding, they both saw a gap in the market for packaging management. They saw that many companies did not have control over how much packaging went in and out of the company, nor how much they had in their own warehouse.

With this completely unique insight into the market, it was not difficult to quit their otherwise good positions, and start their very own business.

In April 2018, the first office in Denmark opened, and the company has since grown and myPallet now has 16 employees in several different countries.

The first product in the portfolio was released in 2018 and since then more have been added. myPallet currently offers a wide range of products, including packaging management, vehicle report, ECMR, POD, Track & Trace and Driving log. In addition to these, myPallet also mediates pallets between customers in what we call the Marketplace.

Several products are under development and the visions are big.

In addition to helping with savings on transport packaging in the companies, the two founders’ mission was also to protect the environment and make companies more sustainable. By e.g. to recycle European pallets, we must not spend resources on producing new ones, we just have to reuse the old ones.

Likewise, the whole process is digitized and the physical papers we can throw away for recycling.

myPallet's history is far from over, and so the adventure continues.