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myPallet has made everyday life easier for Bring.

No more illegible pallet receipts and heavy administrative work.

“We have spent huge amounts of time on manual pallet accounting! In an innovative company like Posten/Bring, we also had to get that part digitized.” Stig H. Øybakken Senior Advisor/Business Analyst.

With many drivers throughout Norway who had to drop off physical pallet slips every day at their local offices, Posten Bring wanted to find a digital alternative.

Upon receipt, all pallet slips were entered into Posten Bring’s own TMS system, one by one. A huge amount of administrative work – both for the employees in the office, but not least for all the drivers.

“No more illegible pallet receipts, a 100% digital solution for the benefit of both drivers and administration.” Stig says. H Øybakken with a smile.

Posten Bring saw an opportunity in myPallet and with the switch to a digitization of their packaging management, they have reduced a large amount of time consumption and loss of pallets.

“As a company, we have been part of myPallet’s journey, and have had many wishes for the app and its abilities. myPallet has been flexible and developed further according to our needs. A strong collaboration!” says Stig H. Øybakken. 

Like most large companies, Posten Bring has their own internal systems, and Posten Bring wanted an integration to these. myPallet gets all master data from Posten Bring’s own TMS system, and all data generated by myPallet goes back to Posten Brings TMS via API.

We have asked Stig H. Øybakken what the future holds and he replies:

“In addition to EUR Pallets, we have many cages in circulation. These have a very high value, and it does not pay off not to keep track of them.  So the next step from here is to get full control of these.”

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